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Problems of my Phone Connect calls


Problems of my Phone Connect calls

why cant i use a phone card???? it will go through but when i put the pin it aint working.... i use my neighbor house phone (notsprint) it works perfectly!!! Sprint u guys should atleast let us use a phone card to call international!


Re: Problems of my Phone Connect calls

I'm having the same problem (as well as others on this discussion). I noticed many saying they have a Panasonic wireless handset, including me. I switched out the Panasonic wireless with a Sony "hardwired" handset. THE ECHO WENT AWAY. I tested this several times with a Net 10 cell phone, it worked. I also have an At&T cell. It experienced the echo but not as severely, but even this mild echo went away when I switched the Panasonic with the Sony. It may be that the difference is wireless vs hardwired handset that makes the difference, not necessarily Panasonic vs Sony.  Sprint service - please try this and confirm. Would appreciate it.

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