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Sprint Phone Connect Issues ~ Beware of the BUSY SIGNAL ~ Customer Service NIGHTMARE $244.21 to Sprint for a product i never used.


Sprint Phone Connect Issues ~ Beware of the BUSY SIGNAL ~ Customer Service NIGHTMARE $244.21 to Sprint for a product i never used.

HELP ~   In April i  went in to a  Cedar Hill, Tx , Sprint shop for an iphone 4s. I came out with a Sprint Iphone4s  and Sprint Phone Connect.   I did need a basic home phone,  i had digital phone service before so my house was prewired, the Sprint service was a flat 19.99 a month, it was portable  .. Phone Connect sounded great.  I bought the product on April 14th. Maybe a week or so later i install everything for the Phone Connect. It appeared to be working fine, i make a call to a gf  and the line was busy and i thought nothing of it.  A few days later i use my home phone again and i get another busy signal.   I then called my Sprint iphone and received a busy signal as well so i understood there was an issue.

I went to and ended up in these support forums for this device and read the troubleshooting tips and tried them all. I have plugged it in, in every room of my house with no change, i have reset the device with the long code and waited 5 minutes, no change, i swapped out cords and power supplies with no change. I finally called in about my Sprint Phone Connect and was told it seemed to be working properly, and whatever list they have show i live in an area (Southern Dallas County) that should have good signal coverage. But no matter what i do, after i dial a number i receive a busy signal and everyone that calls me receives a busy signal. It's been a month, i tried. I decided to cancel the service.   I started a few days ago calling in via *2 to cancel just my Phone Connect.

Now for the customer service.

I started calling in before the weekend all to the *2,  one call dropped almost at the end and i was never called back, the next *2 call i was given an alternate number to call in to cancel my service (877.775.4886) Now today i call in again and am floored by Suzy,  i  have been  told i am responsible for a $200 early termination because i had 14 days to cancel the service. I THOUGHT IT WAS WORKING! I was over the 14 days once i realized something was wrong, but it seems o well too bad for me.  Even though the busy signal issue is a problem that is even listed on these forums as early as 2010.  Nor can my activation fee be returned $36.00. (as the consumer never being able to make or receive a call, it wasn't active). I was told i would receive a credit for the service and i assumed that would be the $19.99 and the $9.33.  I am seeing online i have a credit of $27.93 on my bill,  It is listed as a one time credit, but doesn't add up to any of the Sprint Phone Connect charges..  I called in again (*2) and transferred soon after to  a manager named John.  He spoke with me for a few mintues then placed me on hold, returned  we spoke again and  then placed and left me on hold longer than i am sure is Sprint policy without checking on the customer, while he checked the notes on my account,   and so help me 15 mins later i will not hang up!!   Back on the line, Only to be told i would have to wait for a call back.  He couldn't explain how the amount credited to me was calculated, or give me any other information till he spoke with the previous rep.  The previous rep wasn't a manager, i was told John was.  I don't understand why he couldn't help me even if i had to start all over.

Apr 14-Apr 27- Prorated Charges  
(469) 245-  
Apr 14 - Apr 27 Sprint Phone Connect $9.33

  Single Plan - Non-Prorated Charges  
(469) 245-  
Activation Fee-Additional Line $36.00

  Next Month  

  Single Plan  
(469) 245-xxxx  
Sprint Phone Connect $19.99
  Spending Limit Program Charge $1.83
  Spending Limit Program Charge $4.99

I am being charged currently $72.14 for the  Sprint Phone Connect.    Minus  the credit today of $27.93 = $44.21  Then add the $200 termination fee .

$244.21 to Sprint for a product I can't use?!  I'm pertrified.   How is this legal?  I wish it just would never have existed on my account.  Please Help. A proper explanation at the very least of why i have to be charged anythng for something that just won't work in my home. 

Please keep in my mind i am still a Sprint Iphone customer, other than the receiption in my house the phone and services on my Sprint iphone are great.

That busy signal seems to be costing me some bucks here. Please.


Re: Sprint Phone Connect Issues ~ Beware of the BUSY SIGNAL ~ Customer Service NIGHTMARE $244.21 to Sprint for a product i never used.

We got our Sprint Phone Connect in April 2012. It didn't work for a week, activation problem. 95% of the caller ID's indicate it can't read it. Called Tech Support and I was told it doesn't have Caller ID. It's drops every forth word and I can't understand most calls. Now it's been broken for over a week. It cost us $35.00 repair fees. This is a mess that apparently we are stuck with. In Dec. our 4 cell phones contract is up and at least we are out of that!

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