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Sprint Phone Connect Static Problems


Sprint Phone Connect Static Problems

My folks have been in the run around on this from the begining in November when it was purchased, and continues thru January.  After tower checks, reflash the unit countless times, and requiring a trip to a city with a sprint repair center we now must contact the company that makes the Phone Connect device to get any work done/replacement we are frustrated.  Expected turnaround from their tech support is 2 or more weeks from the MFG of the unit.  Not exactly a replacement land line if it needs to be out of service for most of a month to get repaired.  Sprint policy is that the customer must deal directly with the vendor and no replacement can be sent out not even a loaner unit. 

Are you also having static on the line?  What options were you given to resolve the issue? 

We have taken the unit outside the house, moved it around and tried my business class phone which all have the same results.  Person receiving the call hears static some times mild other times making it hard to hear the person talking from the phone connect device the caller from the device doesn't always hear static when the receive does.  We have as instructed taken it to a sprint repair center where it was not something they handle and he tried helping.  He got us the number to contact the MFG directly but 2 weeks is the normal turn around and you must pay shipping of the device.  Very very disappointed in the support by both Sprint and PCD.

We had earlier tried a airave device, however due to wirelesss point to point as their only means to get internet in the country and the airaves not supported where wires don't conect to the ISP we were forced this route for them at a later date. 

Wondering how frequent this problem is and what / how others were able to resolve if that was possible.



Sprint Phone Connect Static Problems

I have sent you a private message.. please reply so I can research this further for you.


Sprint Phone Connect Static Problems

I thought I was the only one.  I have been having the same static problems myself and don't know how to get rid of it.  I've done everything that Meylinks did and no results.  I am frustrated with this phone.  I am also getting that same beeping tone after hanging up with some one or if connecting to my answering machine. 

I have not gone to the manufacturer yet nor have I gone to a Sprint Center yet.  But reading all the discussions about this Sprint Connect is discouraging at best.  Some appear to have good luck with the equipment.  Could it be that the equipment I have is defective.  I get strong Sprint signals from my two sprint phones, so there should be no signal or tower issues.  WTF???

FYI, I bought this connect back in October/November when the Sprint Representative at the store convince me to use this junk.  I am now locked in for 2 years, but being a Sprint customer for almost 15 years, I better be able to get out of it if this doesn't work out. I can't even hear the other person speaking very clearly. There is a lot of static noise.

Sprint Phone Connect Static Problems

Merdawg911 I am sending you a private message.


Sprint Phone Connect Static Problems

I've had Sprint Phone Connect for a few weeks.

No static problems here (beyond what I'd expect considering this is cellphone technology).

Comparing to my old AT&T line:

The sound of my voice sounds like "Im in a car" when I talk to others. I.E. There is some white noise that is mistake for tires going down the road.

Others have said I sound like I'm on a cell phone.

BUT, that's exactly what this is. Its a gateway for my landline handsets to port over to cell signal using the Sprint Phone Connect device.

Therefore its exactly to be expected.

I haven't had bad static at all.

My home is on the fringes of 3G. My sprint cell phone is non-3G when indoors.

I like the unit.

Best part is I've had ZERO calls from telemarketers, and donation requesters. Also zero calls from collections (looking for who previously had my AT&T phone number).

2nd best part: $19.99/mo (plus some fees) for Unlimited nationwide calling kicks the crud out of the $30/mo I was paying.

Just wish I could integrate this phone with Google Voice.


Re: Sprint Phone Connect Static Problems

I have had the phone connect since december of 2011 it was great for the first month then the people I call said the call quality was terrible sounded like I was in a tunnel and a LOT of static on the line that I could not hear. the corprate store here in town said they had sent an update but its likely I never recieved it I have experienced the static when my room mate called me from the connect line. I have been thinking about just saving up to pay the early termination fee unless ofcourse it can be fixed at no charge to me.

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