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Voicemail Reset


Voicemail Reset

Okay... the device definitely has issues. But right now, what's bugging me is that the voicemail indicator is lit and the phone beeps to indicate voicemail when you pick it up, but there is no voicemail.

Is there someway to reset the "vociemail indicator"?? This is driving me nuts.


Re: Voicemail Reset


Try the following solution and see if it works for you:

Call the device number directly and leave a message. Then retrieve the message and erase it. The tones and lights should go away. Let us know if this works for you.



Re: Voicemail Reset

Nope. Good suggestion--didn't work. Left a message. Called in. Listened to it. Deleted it. Waited. Picked up the phone to use it... tones. Checked unit. Message light.



Re: Voicemail Reset

I eneded up calling Sprint... they had to reset my VM (so I had to go through the setup all over again--annoying!!) then they left a message, and once I deleted that, the indicator reset. I sincerely hope this isn't a routine occurance!


Re: Voicemail Reset

DaveChi, I received an email this morning that reminded me of this thread. It appears that there is a bug in the software that causes message waiting indicator (mwi) to persist even after the voicemails have been erased. It looks like if you take your Phone Connect to a Sprint Repair Center they can load it with an update: MR2 Software Version E04. Unfortunately this update is not avail "over the air" and has to loaded at a Sprint Repair Center. Once installed, if the mwi erroneously appears again you can just dial **61# to remove it. I have copied the body of the email I received below for your review.


Issue Title:

PCD Sprint Phone Connect (TX340G) - Message waiting light and audible tones still there after all voicemail has been retrieved/erased

Issue Type:



Occasionally the voicemail indicator light and audible tones do not go away after the voicemail has been retrieved/erased.

Action: Educate

Customer should call the device number and leave a message.  After retrieving and erasing the message the tones and light should go away.

Alternatively the instruct the customer to take their device to a full service S&R Store and have it updated with MR2 Software Version E04 this MR is not available OTA.

Once the customer has MR2 Software Version E04 loaded on their device they can dial **61# This will turn off the voicemail LED light and you will hear a confirmation tone.


Last Updated: 3/16/2012

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