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problems with LG G3 Vigor


problems with LG G3 Vigor

On our 3rd set of G3 Vigors. Amd still having the same problems!! We havr been having VERY bad customer service! No one seems to want to help fix our problem. Phones freeze up, won't charge, wont reseve text or calls, takes us out of appd and takes us into apps we didnt click on. Doublr tap to lock doesn't always work. And again this is the 3rd time we have gotten these Vigors replaced. We are VER dissatisfied with Sprint! As much as we dont want to leave sprint.. We are very close to! We cant upgrade until 2017.. We want out of these phones due to all these problems. What options do we havr other than paying a crap ton to pay off the phones to get new ones???

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