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"Sprint Product Ambassadors? Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Smartphone Review


The Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is supposed to attract customers that spend less than $250  but still want LTE.


We cannot say that the Galaxy Grand Prime has an innovative design; it actually feels like a Galaxy S2 in the hand. This does, however, not mean that the Galaxy Grand Prime looks bad, but it does not appear as timeless or modern as the Galaxy A5, for example. You can still find typical Galaxy design elements like the home button as a stretched ellipse and the rounded corners.

The Galaxy Grand Prime is a pretty heavy device and we can measure 156 grams. The Grand Prime feels comfortable thanks to its rounded edges and the size is convenient as well.

One familiar Galaxy feature is the detachable back cover, which is available on the Grand Prime. The battery underneath can be removed and the slot for microSD and microSIM is combined.


Samsung's TouchWiz user interface on the Grand Prime is based on Android 4.4.4, and the manufacturer is still working on the version for Android 5. Samsung once again includes advertisement apps in the menu, but you can at least remove them pretty quickly. Otherwise, you just get the S Planner from the typical Galaxy software additions; the voice control S Voice or the news reader Flipboard are reserved for the more expensive devices.

Similar to other Galaxy devices you get used to the handling pretty quickly and the majority of functions work intuitively or are explained extensively on the display

Voice Quality

The voice quality can convince us: The other person does sound slightly distorted at the maximum volume, but the sound is otherwise pretty balanced and the quality is very good when you consider the comparatively low price of our test device. The microphone records our voice clearly and we did not have problems with the hands-free feature, either.

Cameras & Multimedia

At the back of the Galaxy Grand Prime is an 8 MP camera with autofocus and LED flash. All in all it takes decent pictures: The colors are good and even larger colored areas appear uniform, but a closer look reveals some slightly pixelated edges. The sharpness clearly suffers in darker environments and the result is strong picture noise.

The front camera has a 5 MP sensor for decent selfies, but you will have to hold the smartphone very steady, otherwise the pictures will be blurred. You can quickly see individual pixels when you enlarge the pictures, but the camera is okay for occasional selfies and the use on the screen.

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Wrote by

Florian Wimmer (translated by Andreas Osthoff), 04/21/2015

The above review  talks about Samsung once again includes advertisement apps in the menu, I was very surprise to see

UBER and LYFT apps preloaded on the Grand-Prime

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