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Coverage issues in Columbus Ohio


Coverage issues in Columbus Ohio

Your data and voice services strength has degraded just north of downtown identified in ZIP codes 43215 and 43201.  Specifically the intersections of 4th Ave and High St., 2nd Ave and High Street, 1st Ave and High Street, Buttles Ave and High St.  Signal strength is bad when outside and extremely low and data strength is non-existent inside a building.  Signal strength seems to be better at Buttles and Neil and Harrison and Hubbard.  Equipment being used is the iphone 5s and HTC One.

What is the problem?  I have been a Sprint user since 1999 and I don't remember is ever being this bad.

Please explain in a non-standard corporate reply.  At this point, please do not thank me for being a Sprint customer.  You only have me as a customer because I have contracted with you and I will consider your thank you to not be genuine.  Please just fix it!

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Re: Coverage issues in Columbus Ohio


Taking a look at the regions you have specified we are performing network enhancements due to Network Vision and 4G LTE installations.  This type of work can perform service fluctuations but based on the towers' performance in these regions it has been a minimal so far.  We do highly suggest refreshing your devices occasionally which can help provide relief if you are experiencing difficulties in these locations.  I have additionally gone ahead and notified local engineers of the troubles you have to ensure interference is minimal.

Sprint Social Care Team



Re: Coverage issues in Columbus Ohio

I hope everyone here realizes that they're only stringing us along. WE ARE NOT GETTING 4G in the foreseeable future. I dare any Sprint rep to directly refute this.

  1. We complain.
  2. Sprint Care responds with great empathy and asks for our intersection location.
  3. We provide it.
  4. Sprint Care responds with an optimistic sounding promise, stating that upgrades are currently being done to such and such tower (surprise), and in the "near future," we'll see some great improvement.

Notice it's never a timetable for 4G. It's simply a promise of an "improvement," which mind you, has not come. We're not even getting standard 3G speeds. In fact, I would respect this company more if they just flat out stopped training their reps to give us these "string along" answers, and just be honest with us. It's not coming ANY TIME SOON. Get that through your heads people. The number one goal for them is to make sure to minimize the stream of customers cancelling (which they are), by keeping us optimistic, with just enough promise of an upgrade to make us feel "ok, surely it must be just around the corner." IT'S NOT COMING. I know this for a fact, I know several people that work there that I have directly been in contact with.

June can't get here soon enough so I can be done with this joke of a company. Don't bother asking me for my "closest intersection." I told you clowns this a year and a half ago and my results have not changed a BIT.


Re: Coverage issues in Columbus Ohio

As mention in your post on another thread...

I do understand your trepidation at having to wait for the upgrades to start and be completed in your area. Each tower's upgrade is a bit analogous and can take time. Usually, an upgrade progresses like this: the old tower is torn down; a new tower is built; new fiber optics cables are buried; new spectrums are added to each tower and each new spectrum is tested and tweaked. On top of that, there are the unforeseen and out of our control that can work to hamper the progression the techs are trying to make. These might include things like power outages, fires, acts of God, floods, vandalism, delays due to utility companies, government red tape, property owner delays, animals etc.

Of the over 32,000 towers we have nationally, more than 22,000 have ben upgraded in the last 18 or 19 months for an average of over 1,000 per month. Techs are working as fast as they can to get all upgrades completed s expeditiously as possible.

While we would like to afford you a finite time frame by which upgrades in your area will completed, it is not possible. However, we can, should you desire, sign you up for notification of service improvements based on your specific, actual and individual usage.

Jon H.

Sprint Social Care Team
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