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Is Sprint Spark a new network or just an add on?


Is Sprint Spark a new network or just an add on?

Hello everyone, I was wondering, is Sprint Spark a new service or just an add on? Kind of like how 4G is 4G, then LTE is considered 4G LTE. Is Spark going to be just like LTE where it slowly comes out in cities or is there going to be one big update. And also (I know the iPhone isn't Sprint Spark capable) if the iPhone was Sprint Spark capable, would it still say LTE or would it change to Spark. I just have so many questions, but thank you!


Re: Is Sprint Spark a new network or just an add on?


Thanks for reaching out to us with your questions. Sprint Spark incorporates three different spectrums to provide customers with faster more reliable 4G LTE speeds. For you; this means unparalleled data speeds, stronger in-building signal, and improved quality of service (call clarity). As far as iPhones go, there is no news yet about this. It is up to Apple on whether or not they decide to make iPhones Spark capable and what icon they will choose to display this. I hope this information has helped, I have also included a link if you want to learn more about Sprint Spark:


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