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sprint spark is the worst!!


sprint spark is the worst!!

Had an LG Optimus G(4G) that I had since 2012, it worked
perfect except I hated that you couldn’t disable the camera shutter sound for
it but none the less I was happy to have the upgrade opportunity. Of course I
chose the iphone 6. I’ve had it about 3 days and it’s the biggest mistake I
ever made while being a sprint customer! NO LONGER CAN I TALK AND SURF THE WEB
AT THE SAMETIME! What’s sad is I  chose
to leave Tmobile to give sprint a chance back then and now I’m considering
crawling back! No matter how many apologies representatives give, its not going
to help with the feature being unavailable. And the whole “connect to wifi”
response is bull also unless you have a wifi device glued to your skin at all
times! I was completely blind sided by this until I was on a call yesterday and
attempted to check an email. The person at the sprint store said nothing during
the upgrade process. It has nothing to do with the phones because all other providers have no problems! its sprint not wanting to do whatever it is they need to do to make it work!  Luckily I’m still
in the 14 day return time frame!


Re: sprint spark is the worst!!


I am sorry to hear this, and we would hate to see you go. This is related to the hardware in the device. We do carry some devices that have the hardware to support this feature. As you stated, there is a 14 day return policy if you are not fond of the device. Please let us know if you have any pother questions.

- Patrick
Sprint Social Care

Re: sprint spark is the worst!!


Research before you jump on the new technology bandwagon.

Technically it's not Sprint's fault.

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