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FYI.....We are aware of this. We are working hard to get this issue resolved as soon as possible. No ETR. - degraded

TICKET: IM833226

SUMMARY: - degraded


  • Customers are intermittently being redirected to an external vendor site when attempting to go to homepage.


  • Fix agents are working to resolve this issue
  • NO ETC

Access to

Kimberly, reread the reply in the link you posted.

Not only did the dns cache/history/cookies get cleared, but also the DNS server settings on the computer and/or router were changed to something else.  According to the thread over there, changed to (google), or (

Making these changes, I can access the site just fine and access bill pay, etc.


Access to

I played with this for hours last night trying to figure out if it was only me seeing this.  I finally did a search and found the other guy's post.  Here is what I did.

Cleared history, cache, active logins, etc in my Firefox.

Shut down all browser windows and application windows

Unplugged from the internet

Clicked on Start and then typed cmd

Once at a command promtp, I typed: ipconfig /flushdns

Waited for the confirmation and then typed: exit

Plugged back into the Internet

Open Firefox and went to

Selected Current Personal User

... and voila... I was on and was not being redirected.

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.  My hard drive recently crashed so I am still getting all of my programs installed.. but eSet has been on since the get go.

Before doing the info above, I could not get to work on Firefox, IE, or Safari.

It would work on my phone and on my daughter's Mac.  I saw that someone else was not able to get it to work on a Mac... I don't know why it worked on my daughters Mac.. the only thing I can think of is she was not logged in and it only started for me AFTER I logged in.  But, once it happened... I could no longer visit any page whether I was logged in or not to  The only page I could access (after clearing cache) was the main splash page that asked if you were a current user.  Once I clicked from there was was on

Also, I had cleared my cache before I came across that other site and that did not work.  I also checked my system for viruses and malware.  It seems like something happened to my DNS while on sprint's site and once I cleared that.. it was fine.

I too work with computers a lot and probably know more than the average person which is why this seemed so odd to me.  I also did a google search on that URL and found that other sites had been hijacked via this redirect.  It sure seems like to me something happened to there website that affected my DNS... but who knows.

Hope it all gets figured out.

Sprint Product Ambassador

Access to

Good day -- we have isolated the issue to a DNS change that was made by one of our partners (INQ) and failed, resulting in the DNS record pointing their systems to the offending site.  The change was backed out at 8:36 PM last night, but due to the way DNS works, it will be up to 24 hours before all customers stop seeing the redirect.

We are monitoring DNS servers nationwide to ensure the change is appropriately propigated and are meeting with the vendor and DNS provider to identify the root cause of the failure and put corrective action in place to prevent this from happening again.

This change does not impact billpay, view bill etc.

Customers with issues with site speed or stability should contact customer care and have them log a ticket for the IT teams to investigate.

Thank you,


Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

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IMO, this appears to be an issue where DNS entries were changed on DNS servers on the internet. It does not look like any hack on Sprint's side redirecting to the site. That is why changing to Google's DNS server of and flushing DNS seems to resolve the issue.


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But I did not change to Googles DNS server.. I only flushed my DNS.  I too thought it was rather odd and couldnt figure out why it didnt happen to everyone.


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Ok, I was just on the site again (1/27/2012 @ 6:20 PM EST) and I was looking at the coverage map.  I switched back to Plans and I was redirected to the / website.  I cleared my cache, shut down my Firefox, unplugged the internet and flushed my DNS.  Plugged back in and the site is working again.

Very odd.


Access to

WOW, I'm so glad it is not just me!!  I did all the normal fixes, ran my virus program, cleared everything you can possible clear and it is still doing it   So I don't think it's as easy to fix as some people who have posted believe.  Hope they take care of it soon.


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Same here. Good knowing I'm not the only one.....well not actually good...but ya'll know what I mean...


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Thanks.  I am on the phone with Sprint now. yes, they informed me they are wrkng on this issue.  I've seen earlier postings on another site dating back to 2003 with the same thing.  I got on from one link but was redireected to in the middle of trying to upgrade online. smh. I pray they get this fixed ASAP!!

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