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Adding a phone to your online profile


Ensuring you have your primary phone or device associated with your profile gives you access to additional content on the My device and media page, access to links and content related to the device as well as activity like unbilled call usage details.  Screenshots have been provided.

Check to see if you have added a device as part of your profile creation process

  1. Log into My Sprint
  2. Click on the My device and media tab
  3. If a page pops up asking for your mobile phone, enter it and follow the prompts to attach that phone to your profile.

You need to attach a phone:                   


You already have a phone attached if you see this:


Managing the device associated with your online profile

You can remove or change a mobile phone from your profile on the My Preferences tab.

  1. Log into My Sprint
  2. Click on the My Preferences tab
  3. In the All about me section under My Sprint, Click on the Tell us about your device

  4. You can remove or change or add a device as needed from this area.