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Call Blocking


Call Blocking


I just received my LG remarq phone and was wondering if there's a way to "reject" or "call block" unwanted phone calls?



Re: Call Blocking

If your phone is capable of downloading apps. I recommend you download Automatic Call Blocker by Skydeck it's free and it does work. You can block all numbers not in your contacts, numbers that are private or blocked numbers or spam numbers, you will also see a history of the calls blocked. (Get it it works)

If you can't download apps try going to your security settings to see if there is a call feature for phone calls.

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Re: Call Blocking

how do I get the app for call blocking?


Re: Call Blocking

We can now do it from our account page.

My Sprint > My account > My preferences > Block voice.

Below are the options that you'll see:

•Block all inbound calls
•Block all inbound and outbound calls
•Do not block any voice calls (all of your previously blocked voice calls will be archived for easy access later)
•Block all out-bound voice calls
•Block only the following phone numbers for inbound and outbound calls
You can block inbound and outbound calls for up to 50 phones numbers. Enter each 10 digit phone number below or quickly add numbers you've previously blocked by accessing your archive list (archive list numbers will be saved for 90 days).

For more detailed instructions, visit

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