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Can you swap on-contract phones with someone else?


Can you swap on-contract phones with someone else?

I know that you can switch phones on plans easily enough, but here is my question. If someone else buy's a phone on contract from Sprint, is it possible that I can activate that phone on my plan and let them activate my iPhone on their plan? Without paying any ETFs? A family member said that they want an iPhone and wouldn't mind doing this, so just wondering if it's even possible? Also - will I still need to buy two cheapie phones as placeholders for the ESN transfer? Would I be able to keep my number? Thanks.


Re: Can you swap on-contract phones with someone else?

Yes this can be done as long as both accounts can be verified.  A couple of things to remember are: it's best to call in on a 3rd line since those "two" lines will be worked on, and the iPhone will more than likely have to be hard reset to remove the apple ID and other persons information, if it's an iPhone 4, you will need wifi to activate the device, the 4S can be activated over the Sprint cellular network.  It's also best to ask for Technical Support when both of you call in, if the rep you speak to is using our new billing system, an advanced flip/flop can be done without the need for dummy ESNs. 


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