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Cannot change phone "nickname"


Cannot change phone "nickname"

I'm not sure how it happened, but my phone nicknames came up with extra stuff in them that I did not enter when I signed up for sprint and they asked me to name my phones.

I went to change them today, and when I click the name it switches to an input box as expected, but "saving" the name does not work. I have tried this in both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, and I saw another post that said they used Firefox but it was archived (obviously without a proper resolution) so I am starting a new discussion.

When I look at the script console in Google Chrome as I click "save", it throws a 403 forbidden error, so this means that the AJAX call is not able to bring up whatever page it is that processes the name change and sends back a confirmation.

As a side note, hitting "enter" in IE also throws an error, but instead of triggering the AJAX call as expected, I am taken to a blank page that says

{validated: true, responseMessage:"Nickname saved sucessfully"}

But then the nickname has not changed.


Re: Cannot change phone "nickname"

Oh hey, it seems to have been the apostrophe. You'd think there'd be a little javascript to just not allow one of those to be typed in at all.  And it needs to be there when you first get a new phone, because that is when I put it in.

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