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Cell tower problems?


Cell tower problems?

I've had my phone for over a year with no problems.  But the last couple of weeks have been bad.  My cell signal has been almost non existant and even spends most of its time "Extended".  What's up?  Is there a problem with the local cell tower?  I used to use my phone for everything, now it spends most of its time as a paperweight.

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Re: Cell tower problems?

By the way, I'm in Greenup, KY.  41144.


Re: Cell tower problems?


Thanks for your post. I looked into your area and do not see any outages that have been reported and would love to take a deeper look; can I get your cross streets of where this is happening most please? And may I also ask what device you are using as well?



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Re: Cell tower problems?


Thanks for the quick reply!  I spend most of my time at 720 Main St, Greenup KY and at 806 Seaton Ave, Greenup KY 41144.  They are less than a mile apart. I guess the cross street would be Jefferson St.   When i go to Ashland or Portsmouth, Oh, i get plenty of signal.  But here, almost nothing.

I have an Apple iPhone 4.

Again, thanks for your help!



Re: Cell tower problems?

Hi Peejproblems,

Thanks for providing the above information. I have checked you area and based on the coverage map, it appears your signal strength may vary. Ultimately this address is quite a distance from the nearest Sprint tower which is why the device is showing extended. Essentially your device will most likely roam in this area. In your original post, you mentioned not having problems in the past. How long have you been at the aforementioned addresses?

Thank You,

DePaul W.

Sprint Social Care Team

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