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DOMParser is unidentified


DOMParser is unidentified

I keep getting the DOMPArser is unidentified error throughout the site and am unable to block a number from calling me.  Firefox will not load the my preferences page at all.  IE reports that an add on failed to run.


Re: DOMParser is unidentified

figgers3036, I apologize for the issues you are experiencing while using the site.  Have you cleared your cache and cookies on your browsers?


Re: DOMParser is unidentified

I'm experiencing the same problem - the "DOMParser is unidentified" message appears twice on every page in the website.  Occurs on every computer in my house.

The problem happens only in Internet Explorer - Google Chrome runs fine.  The problem does not happen on any website other than Sprint.

Running IE 8 under Windows XP.

I'll try the cache and cookies clearing idea, but it's odd that every one of my computers is doing this.


Re: DOMParser is unidentified

LuigisDad/Figgers3036 - Sorry for the inconvenience. I would be happy to help you to resolve the issue. On your browser click on tools, internet options, programs, manage add_ons. Then enable "XML DOM Document". Try again.

Let  me know



Re: DOMParser is unidentified

Hi Abe,

Yes, enabling XML DOM Document as you described did the trick. Thanks for your help.

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