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Don't share your Account PIN or Security Question/Answer for online profile creation


Perhaps you have additional people on your account which need to pay and view the bill?  You can grant them access to do this activity without sharing  your account PIN or Security Question/Answer with them when they set up an online profile. This new permission is called "Manage Account." Here  are the steps used to grant permissions.

  • Check to make sure you have made yourself the account holder on your online profile. This would have been done by entering your PIN when you created your profile or by entering  the PIN on the My Preferences Tab at the bottom of the page along with your account number.

  • For people on your account, have them create a profile by entering their device during profile creation. They do not need the PIN to create the profile. Once they have created the profile, they will need to send you a request to allow them to access your account. 

Once these  two profiles are in place, the account holder follows these steps:

  • Login  and click on the My Preferences tab


  • In the All about my  account section within Limits and Permissions, click on the  Allow access to  my account link


  • Select the "Manage Account permissions in the drop down next  to the user.


  • Click Save

What all permissions mean in the Permissions drop down:

Manage Users and Account:(aka the Account Holder)

  • PIN entry required for this level of permissions as stated above
  • Can grant permissions to other subscribers to Manage Account
  • Can grant permissions to Manage Device
  • Can select No Access and remove the profile from its relationship to your account
  • Can change PIN and Security Question / Answer
  • Views and pays bills
  • Views all user activity, changes plans and services and unbilled usage
  • Performs other account related activities (changing addresses, upgrading phones, etc.)

Manage Account: Permission granted by Account Holder

  • Acts like the Account holder.
  • Cannot view or change the account PIN or Security Question/Answer
  • Views and pays bills
  • Views all user activity, changes plans and services and unbilled  usage
  • Performs other account related activities (changing addresses,  upgrading phones, etc.)

Manage Device: User on the account with an online profile

  • Can view device-specific information only.
  • Cannot access account activities such as granting permissions, view/pay bill or seeing all users usage.