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GALAXY S2 will not connect to USB Storage


GALAXY S2 will not connect to USB Storage

My Smasung Galaxy S2 will not connect to my PC via USB. After sitting here for hours and looking all over the internet for a solution to this problem, there is NOTHING there. (I have also used the troubleshooting on both my pc and my phone) The phone says it is connected to a USB, but doesnt let me do anything, and doesnt show up at all on my PC. All of the possible solutions they had were irrelevant, they kept referring to "USB utililties" which does NOT EXIST on the S2 after the ICS update. This whole thing has just made me consider leaving Sprint, considering they have no solution to any of the problems I have.


Re: GALAXY S2 will not connect to USB Storage

Follow the instructions here and see if it helps.

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