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How can I tell if my online Profile is at the account level?


If you are looking to view/pay your bill and manage phones on your account and you cannot do so, most likely this is because your online profile is not been assigned account authority.

The best way to check this is by logging into and clicking on the My account page.  If you see the My bill section, your online profile is authorized for account activities such as those I mentioned above. Here is a screenshot of what that looks like:


If you do not see this section, you can add account authority to your online profile with these steps:

   1.  Sign into
   2.  Click on the My Preferences tab
   3.  Under the All about my account section, enter your account number and PIN and follow the steps.
   4.  Log back in when it is completed.
   5.  You have now put your account onto your online profile.
   6. You will only have to do this once as the profile will remember your authority when you log in going forward.

Here is a screenshot of that location: