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My Sprint My Preferences


My Sprint My Preferences

On my preferences on manage my account, the limits and permissions has no actions under and I am the account administrator. I used it a couple of days ago and now I can not use to. Please help!


My Sprint My Preferences

CHAT maybe a better option to work through this and see what is occurring but I will try to understand. When you click on My Preferences you get a box "All About My Account" and it should have three categories in it

My Account Info

Things I can Manage Online

Limits and Permissions

Do you see these three categories and there is nothing under them or do these not appear? You may want to close your browser and reopen it and see if that helps.

The CHAT link does not show up when you are in Communities or Forums - Go to the top of the page click on My Sprint>>My Account Wait for about 45 seconds and you should see the CHATbutton appear next to your login name. If it doesn’t appear click on See My Bill and wait a few seconds. Click on the CHATbutton for someone to verify your account information and gain access to your account. They can usually walk you through to see why the webpage isn't displaying the proper way.



My Sprint My Preferences

Can you take a screenshot of what it looks like now?

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