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My phone goes to voice mail


My phone goes to voice mail

     I have a HTC Evo 4 g and instead of ringing it goes straight to voice mail,why and what can i do about it.



My phone goes to voice mail

The same thing happens with my Evo. I guess it has something to do with the smartphone itself. Some people call & it goes thru then some go straight to voicemail...don't understand it.


Re: My phone goes to voice mail

I am sorry for the inconvenience here guys, thanks for the posts. Here are some common causes of blocked calls and a few troubleshooting steps that might help:

  • Turn the phone off, remove the battery for 1 minute, replace the battery and turn the phone back on.
  • There are many reasons why the phone does not ring including:
    • Out of coverage.
    • Phone has not been turned off and back on which may result in the phone location not found on the network while in coverage.
    • Poor indoor and outdoor coverage.
    • Traveling in and out of Sprint network coverage.
    • Using data services at the time of the call while in 1xRTT coverage.
    • Unconditional call forwarding set.
    • Sprint Direct Connect in use at time of call. (this does not apply to the EVO 4G)
  • You may be using data services such as the Web browser, navigation, or a data application at the time of the missed call.
    • If so, you should receive a pop-up box with the incoming caller information and have the option to Answer or Ignore the call.

  • You can ensure that call forwarding is disabled by pressing *720 Talk.

  • Check the Sprint coverage tool to ensure that your current location is within a Sprint coverage area. If you are not in Sprint coverage please turn the phone off and then back on in Sprint coverage.

  • End any Web browser, social network and data applications, email application, or GPS application.

  • Try: menu > settings > system updates > update profile

If all else fails you will need to contact tech support for further troubleshooting. Sorry again for the inconvenience, thanks for being valued Sprint customers.

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