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My phone is Lagging


My phone is Lagging

My phone is lagging. I cannot press the button to turn it on. It has hardly no response when I press a key. Unable to get to anything on my phone.


My phone is Lagging

  • What is your phone?
  • Have you recently gotten a new phone?
  • Have you updated your deviceto the latest software/firmware/Preferred Roaming List (PRL)?
  • Have you checked your coverage at and is the result 'fair' for your location or is it in a fringe area?
  • Has the problem suddenly started?  When did it start?
  • Have you received any error messages?  If so, what are they?

We need more info to help you.  I will reply when you post additional information.



My phone is Lagging

I would try a battery pull.  Simply remove your battery and reinsert it.  Then power on the phone as usual.

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