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Poor Site Navigation - Now more complicated/impossible.


Poor Site Navigation - Now more complicated/impossible.

I am having a few issues with the site navigation and am listing each issue (#1), (#2) etc.

(#1) I log in to 'My Account' I am shown 'Your bill' and the amount due. Surprised because I submitted payment a few days ago and it is not shown ANYWHERE.

It should show 'Payment Pending' or something. I search for 'See payment history' and my payment is not shown.
I printed off the confirmation page showing I paid/submitted payment!

(#2) I cannot find anything like 'View RECENT/CURRENT Bill' on the main page. Come on!

I shouldn't have to click on 'Pay Bill' first and then click on 'See my bill'. 'See my bill' should be an option on the main page.

I get it, Sprint is just trying to force the customer to 'Pay Bill', but I already did!!
'See my bill' doesn't even show me my current up-to-date balance, even 3 weeks after making a payment!

(#3) 'Payment History' should show the 'Balance Due' with 'Amount' paid, or 'Payment Pending' and 'New Balance' on one page.

Example: 09/08/11, Payment, Credit Card, Balance Due, Amount Paid, New Balance.

I should be able to view all payments, bills, and transactions, etc. together or pieces of it as I choose.


Poor Site Navigation - Now more complicated/impossible.

On the main page you should see a See My Bill **Adjustments/Credits **Recent Payments **Make a Payment with an amount and a yellow Pay my Bill button - How was your payment made? In your situation it does seem that the payment was pending for a long period of time. Was it made over the weekend?

#2 See My Bill is on the Main page.

#3 The web team is working on the Pay My Bill section of the site to make it more user friendly.

You didnt state if you tried dialing #3 to get your balance but if you have a recent payment I am curious if the automated system updated and the web didnt.  If that is the case we need to report that.

If you are not seeing five blocks under your bill there is a error with how your account is being displayed - either Sprint or your browser. Block one        Last Bill- Amount Due -SeeMyBill

Block two         Adjustments/credits see details

Block three     Recent payments see details

Block Four       Total Due

Block Five        Make A Payment - full  - partial

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