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Printer Friendly Version for Statements???


Printer Friendly Version for Statements???

I have signed up to receive my statements online but from time to time I will need to print out my bill. I just think its ridiculous that when I print your "Printer Friendly Version" it is multiple pages and full of advertisements from Sprint... What should be one page is SIX (not including call detail)!

Its a waste of MY paper and MY time and is not necessary. How is this a printer friendly???

Please remove.


Printer Friendly Version for Statements???


Sorry to hear that you are not happy with the formatting of the statements. They do unfortunately have a few ads and notices in them, but the format used is a standard PDF. I realize it is not the most convenient solution, but you should be able to select which pages you wish to print, allowing you to just print out the parts you want, while skipping the parts you don't.

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