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Receiving Community Update Emails from "old" Community Login?


Receiving Community Update Emails from "old" Community Login?

I just started receiving "Sprint Community Updates" weekly emails in my inbox a few weeks ago.

The problem is I cannot unsubscribe or update my preferences because I believe this is from an old Community login (when the Community required a separate login/account from the standard Sprint login).

Clicking the "Update email preferences" link at the bottom of the email asks me to login (presumably asking for a login).  Entering my old commnity login does not work, choosing 'forgot password' to reset my password does not work because the security questions are wrong (presumably because I'm trying to answer security questions for a account, not for one tied to the old community logins).  Logging in with my current login brings me to the account I'm currently using to post this, which is not the same as the Community login previously used (this account uses a different email in my profile and is set up to never send email summaries regarding the Community anyway).

Clicking 'forgot username' (even though I know the old username--just an attempt to get SOMETHING generated to my email address that would allow me to login) and entering my email address (the one the community updates go to) provides the error message: 

Sorry! Before you can continue, you’ll need to fix 1 thing: Email (We can't find a username for the phone number or email you entered. Please try again.

Basically I'd just like to be able to unsubscribe/update my preferences, but I'm afraid the old community login that is tied to my email address is lost or inaccessible since migrating to the "one login" redesign.


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Receiving Community Update Emails from "old" Community Login?

We can fix that -- shoot a note to buzz-admin (at) sprint (dot) com with the old email address that you need removed and one of our admins will update the system.



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Receiving Community Update Emails from "old" Community Login?

Please share this answer with your customer service team.

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