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Security Breach?


Security Breach?

I was just on the website to change the preferences on a phone and was looking at some phones for sale. The next page that came up was

someone else's acct info! I took a screen shot of the page and chat rep told me to call customer srvc. Any ideas? Now I'm worried someone else is in out account since my virus and firewall systems are running and nothing has been detected from my end. Shouldn't this be a problem that isn't advised to call Customer on another day?


Security Breach?

why dont you call them today?  maybe they can do different things that the chat reps arenty capable of doing.  who knows, but you should call them if that is what he suggested, im sure they dont want their customers getting into the wrong accounts at random!  they will take this seriously.


Security Breach?


I've sent in this post to my production contacts for review.


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