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The longer I stay with sprint, the unhappier I get.


The longer I stay with sprint, the unhappier I get.

Been with sprint for almost 10 years now, and am still shocked at how sometimes things get unsaid, I could have been paying less, but no one bothers to tell me.  I have an employee discount (which is still lower than other cell phone companies offer), and sprint never up dates me on new offers for employees of certain companies.  I just got a new phone, and asked if there are discounts being offered to those of us that are on certain government discounts.  In addition, there was a big sign on the door asking for us to ask about discounts.  When I asked, I was told that there were no current offers, so I purchased the phone.

Upon coming home, I find out that sprint has an offer on the website for employees of a $50 service credit, and free activation.  I called sprint, and I was transferred to account services so they may be able to resolve the issue.  Account services would not assist me, and now I am extremely upset.  In addition, the store informed me that if I want to return the phone, I would be charged a $35 restocking fee, so now I am extremely upset.

Everytime, it comes time to upgrade or get a new contract, sprint gives me such the run around.  In addition, you would think that customers who show longevity with the company would be treated better.  Sprint should be letting us know how to save money, not lie and tell us there are no offers.  The best part is that the accounts services department admitted that the stores will never tell you about those discounts because they don't want you to purchase phones on-line.  Which leaves me to believe that Sprint does not value their customers.


The longer I stay with sprint, the unhappier I get.


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