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Transferring lines from Sprint to Sprint


Transferring lines from Sprint to Sprint

Basic Info:

We have 4 Sprint lines in my house hold.

1 individual line, mine, new, on 2 year contract (will be new primary).

Three shared lines:

1 phone line, expired contract

1 phone line, one month remaining of contract.

1 Airwana line, Free of charge.

What i am trying to do:

I want the 3 shared lines transferred to my account which has just 1  individual line so making it a shared account. I DON'T want  new phones.


1. Does this process renews all/any contracts and puts the 3 shared lines under a new contract?

2. Does it renew the contract of the individual (primary) line? (which i wouldn't care because its fairly new anyways)

3. What should i anticipate?

4. And how long will it take to show the changes on my online account?



Transferring lines from Sprint to Sprint

The forums are primarily customes helping each other. The best way to get these account-specific questions answered is to contact care directly using one of these ways.


Transferring lines from Sprint to Sprint

First you have to be certain you are eligible to hold all lines needed on your account. It seems like you need 4 lines on the account which is yours and the 3 new ones. If you are able to have 4 lines on yours account the change of ownership department will transfer these lines over to your account fairly quickly as long as permission is given from the other party first.

Answering your questions:

1. The contract will remain exactly the same as it was on the original account. The transfer does not affect the contract at all.

2. Again the contract will not be affected at all!

3.A simple phone call or transfer to the Change of ownership department (or transfer of liability, whichever term they use! LOL) and about 10 to 15 minutes to complete the transaction once the account holder from the original account that you need the lines transferred from gives permission.

4. Online accounts update within 24 hours sometimes less.

Any other questions just let me know...just went through this last December and the process has not changed!


Transferring lines from Sprint to Sprint

Thanks Dana for the reply. I did the transfer few days ago but it still shows all the old info on the website. Each phone is showing their old service plan info even though i changed the plans on all lines with one similar shared plan. I guess they will update that info when the new billing cycle starts but i am still going to call them tomorrow to find out.

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