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Why did Sprint change its website???


Why did Sprint change its website???

I just put my Grandson on my family share plan (he is 8 yrs. old), I want to be able to monitor his usage, and I can't do so with this new website...what's up with this????    He lives in NY and I live in PA, so the only way I can monitor his usage is through this website and if I see something that's not supposed to be on his phone, I can stop it before it gets out of hand.  Since this website is not working properly, and I am not able to monitor his usage  from here, I will not pay for any "extras" on my bill that I have no control over!!


Re: Why did Sprint change its website???

It would be in your best interest to call Sprint and have "Premium Text Messaging" and "Data" blocked , The first time he goes to a website and gets a ringtone he could inadvertently "Subscribe" to a monthly fee. A lot of text messages sites are designed to sucker you in and without reading the fine print you are stuck paying a reoccurring fee.

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