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Perhaps you have additional people on your account which need to pay and view the bill?  You can grant them access to do this activity without sharing  your account PIN or Security Question/Answer with them when they set up an online profile. This new permission is called "Manage Account." Here  are the steps used to grant permissions.

  • Check to make sure you have made yourself the account holder on your online profile. This would have been done by entering your PIN when you created your profile or by entering  the PIN on the My Preferences Tab at the bottom of the page along with your account number.

  • For people on your account, have them create a profile by entering their device during profile creation. They do not need the PIN to create the profile. Once they have created the profile, they will need to send you a request to allow them to access your account. 

Once these  two profiles are in place, the account holder follows these steps:

  • Login  and click on the My Preferences tab


  • In the All about my  account section within Limits and Permissions, click on the  Allow access to  my account link


  • Select the "Manage Account permissions in the drop down next  to the user.


  • Click Save

What all permissions mean in the Permissions drop down:

Manage Users and AccountSmiley Sadaka the Account Holder)

  • PIN entry required for this level of permissions as stated above
  • Can grant permissions to other subscribers to Manage Account
  • Can grant permissions to Manage Device
  • Can select No Access and remove the profile from its relationship to your account
  • Can change PIN and Security Question / Answer
  • Views and pays bills
  • Views all user activity, changes plans and services and unbilled usage
  • Performs other account related activities (changing addresses, upgrading phones, etc.)

Manage Account: Permission granted by Account Holder

  • Acts like the Account holder.
  • Cannot view or change the account PIN or Security Question/Answer
  • Views and pays bills
  • Views all user activity, changes plans and services and unbilled  usage
  • Performs other account related activities (changing addresses,  upgrading phones, etc.)

Manage Device: User on the account with an online profile

  • Can view device-specific information only.
  • Cannot access account activities such as granting permissions, view/pay bill or seeing all users usage.

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Now your can make a retail appointment from your mobile device. 

Go to through your browser:

  • Select the 'Find a store' link.
  • Enter your zip code or let use your location.
  • The Store Locator will give you the closest stores in your area.
  • Select the desired store through 'make an appointment'.
  • Follow the prompts to complete your request.

With in seconds, you will have a schedule time for your next store visit!  Screenshots of the steps are noted below.

Go to and select 'Find a store' as noted.

It is towards the bottom of the list.


Enter your zip code, or let to use your location.


Select the desired store location using the 'make an appointment' link.


Follow the stops to complete your appointment request.


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The Sprint Buyback Program offers new and existing Sprint customers an account credit for eligible wireless devices from ANY manufacturer and ANY carrier in ANY condition for reuse and recycle.  This program is now available when you shop on

Use the device look up tool what credit you will receive here.  This price will be honored online for 45 days as you shop on In essence, your old phone will help you pay for your new one.

Once your new device is purchased with the help of your Buyback credit, we will send you a pre-paid shipping label for your recycled phone. After the phone is received, we will credit your account within 3 bill cycles with the value noted during the purchasing process. We’ll then recycle it instead of having it end up in a landfill.

Sprint is committed the environment.  We are currently ranked #3 among the 500 Greenest Companies in America.  We have collected more than 28 million phones since 2001. Our goal is to reach 90% recycle rate on phones and devices.  Collected phones stay out of the waste stream and help reduce toxins from entering our water and air.

Interested in more details about the program and process? Click here for Frequently Asked Questions. 


As of June 10, 2012, a $15 Phone Number Change fee will apply when calling Care or visiting a Sprint Store.  If you want to avoid this charge, you can choose to change your phone number on It's quick and easy.  Here's how:

1. Login to

2. Click on My Preferences tab

3. Click on Change phone number under  ‘Things I can manage online -  account’

4. Follow the steps to complete your number change.

If for some reason you are not able to complete the self-service option, please chat with a Sprint chat agent for assistance.



I recently changed phones from an Epic to an Echo and during my voicemail setup, I couldn’t remember the passcode.  I racked my brain trying to remember what I would have used, but it just wasn’t coming to me and I already had messages I wanted to listen to.  Luckily I remembered that I could change my voicemail code online.

Here’s how I did it:

  1. Signed in to My Sprint with my username and password - (Not signed up for My Sprint? Do it here.)
  2. Scrolled down the My Account tab to where I saw my devices and clicked the Manage this device dropdown box.
  3. Change Passcode 1.png

  4. I chose Change voicemail passcode. The Reset Voicemail Passcode window opened.
  5. reset passcode 2.png

  6. I simply filled out the form and Voila! I was able to get my messages.

If you have a Nextel phone, the steps are similar, but there are some differences. 

  1. Sign in to My Sprint with your username and password
  2. Click the My preferences tab
  3. Under Things I can manage online click Change voicemail passcodes
  4. Select the check box next to the device you want to reset the passcode for.
  5. Enter a new 4 to 7-digit passcode or click the Reset radio button to set  the passcode to the default 7-digit phone number.
  6. Click Save


Selecting a phone can be a big decision, especially with so many cool new devices coming out. One great improvement with the new store is how we help you pick the right device.

The new "Excellent for / OK for" icons

From your first view of phones, we show you short list of features for each one: things the phone does really well, and things it just does OK. Why? Because you probably have two or three things that are super-important to you, but there's other stuff you want it to do too. You also might be weighing the capabilities of your new phone vs. how much it costs.

Here's a good example. I've circled the LG Remarq below. When you hover over the camera icon, we explain that the Remarq does have a camera but it's comparatively low-resolution.

(Click the image to expand it.)

Excellent for / OK for screen shot

My dad would be totally cool with a 1.3 megapixel camera, but my son would hold out for something at least 5.0 megapixels. On the other hand, my dad wants the smallest phone he can get, while my son doesn't mind carrying around a 4.3" EVO.

This helps you figure out the pros and cons when you're deciding between those last couple of devices, or when you rely on GPS and have to have a device that does that really well.

More information on joining the beta!

Hope that helps all you device shoppers out there. Look for more posts here soon!


The new "beta version" of our Store is ready! We want you, our Community members, to have the first opportunity to click around in the new store and experience it for yourselves.

After you do, use the Beta feedback link in the Store to let us know what you love, what you hate, and anything else. Also, use the Report beta problem link to report specific issues you have when using the site. (Adding your comments via these links rather than here will expedite getting issues organized and fixed.) Here's what it'll look like:

beta store header.jpg

Remember: this is a beta site, so not everything is perfect yet. Here are a few known issues we're working on.

Please note: If you have a Sprint Wireless Advantage Club, Everything Plus Referral Program or Employee Wireless Discount account, you'll need to sign out before you can browse the Beta store and give us feedback. If you are signed in with one of these accounts and try to visit the store, you will see an error message. For now, the new store doesn't support upgrades or adding new lines for your accounts.

>> Try the beta version of the Store now!

If you like to talk about the new store please discuss here.


Currently, does not offer SMS text message logs for CDMA (Sprint) customers.  Nextel (IDEN) customers have other options.  If you need to get your SMS or Text Message history from Sprint, you can follow these simple steps:


Please note -- Due to privacy concerns, we don't store any text message content,  which is the actual text of the message sent between you and someone  else.

You can find out a *lot* more about the privacy issues in this excellent blog post by Claudia about Text Message Details and Content


However, we do keep record of text message details,  which includes the date, time and phone number of your text messages.  The process to obtain these sensitive message details varies by the type  of phone you have because our services are carried over different  network platforms that record and store information differently.


Sprint Phones
If  you are the account holder or authorized contact for your business  account, you can request text message details (date, time and phone  number) for any line on your account for the previous 90 days.


To  obtain text message details, please contact Sprint Corporate Security  at (800) 877-7330 and choose option 3 for Historic Records Requests.  They will send you a form to complete, notarize and return to us. The  text messaging details you request will be sent once we receive your  notarized form.


If your request is related to a civil or  criminal legal matter, your attorney can submit a subpoena for the  information on your behalf.


Nextel Direct Connect
Certain  phones with Nextel Direct Connect services and 2-way Multimedia  Messaging (MMS) capabilities enable you to store and retrieve your own  text messages, pictures and videos that include the date, time and  to/from details in your inbox on


To make sure sent and received messages are not deleted from your personal inbox, you need to change your settings:

  1. Sign in to My Sprint and select the My preferences tab
  2. Select Deleting Messages
  3. Choose the option Do not delete messages after I receive them on my phone


Sprint offers several levels of access to your account, bill, device info and more.  The information you provide when you create a user profile  determines what you can see and do on your account. The more  information you provide about your phone and device, the more you can do  on

For more information on how to create a user profile, see Sign up for My Sprint or watch our how-to video.

There are 5 levels of profile access on My Sprint:

  • Account owner
  • Account authorized (Device user that has account owner permissions, but is unable to view the account PIN)
  • Device user
  • Department level access (business user)
  • Community profile

Account Owner

At  the account owner level, you have access to all of the important  features on – like checking your minutes and paying your  bill. To create an account owner profile, you must provide the following  information while registering:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email
  • Phone, serial or account number
  • Billing ZIP code
  • Account PIN

As an account owner, you have access to the important features listed below, among others:

  • Add, revoke or update user access to your account
  • Access online service tools, depending on the services your plan includes
  • Manage other user profiles on the account
  • Change your plan
  • Add a phone
  • Pay and update your bill
  • See minutes used
  • Check upgrade eligibility status
  • Post to the Sprint Community forum

Account Authorized

Account  owners can grant account level permissions to other users on their  account who do not have authorized access to view billing information,  pay bills, view call details, etc. By granting authorized access, users  have all of the features and privileges that account owners have, except  they cannot see the account PIN. To obtain account authorized  privileges, you must request access from the account owner. If you are the only profile on your account, enter your billing ZIP code and account PIN on the My Preferences page to become an account owner.

Device User

Device  users are not account owners and have limited account access on To create a device user profile, you must provide the  following information:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email
  • Phone, serial or account number

Note:  If you do not provide us with your account PIN and billing ZIP code  during registration, you will only be registered as a device user and  not an account owner. You can change your level of access later on the My Preferences page by providing your billing ZIP code and account PIN.

As a device user, you have access to the features listed below:

  • Access online service tools, depending on the services your plan includes
  • See minutes used
  • Check upgrade eligibility status
  • Post to the Sprint Community forum

If  there is an account owner already on the account, you can obtain  additional permissions and privileges to do more on the account by  requesting access from the account owner. If you are the only profile on  your account, enter your billing ZIP code and account PIN on the My Preferences page to become an account owner.

Department level access (DAC) - Business users

Department  level access (DAC) accounts are sub-level accounts of a business  account. DAC account users are only allowed to manage a portion of a  business account and cannot make any revenue impacting changes to their  account. Only select devices are able to add or remove services on their  account. There can be multiple DAC users on one account.

To create a business user profile, you must provide the following information during registration:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email
  • Account number
  • Billing ZIP code
  • Account PIN

To create a DAC user profile, you must provide the following:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email
  • Account number and the department account code
  • Billing ZIP code
  • Tax-ID (You provide your Tax-ID on the following page)

As a DAC user, you have access to the features listed below:

  • View unbilled and billed usage for your devices
  • Access product/service tools

Community Profile

Community profiles have access to post on the community forums of

To create a community user profile, you must provide the following information:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email

As a community user, you have access to the features listed below:

  • Post to the Sprint Community forum

You  can sign into your community profile and later provide your phone,  serial or account number and account PIN to access more features and  permissions on My Sprint.


Sprint will launch the 4th phase of its redesign in early 2011: A best-in-class online shopping experience.

The new store is packed with features:

  • Powerful tools for picking the right phone.
  • Plan details that are easy to scan and compare.
  • A guided step-by-step shopping process and simpler checkout.
  • A more personalized experience.

More to come … keep informed!

You can keep abreast of the progress towards the new store launch by:


Long a requested feature, you can now block voice calls from your My Sprint account.   You can chose to block outbound calls from the phone, or block certain numbers from calling or being called by your phone.   How?  Just follow the steps:

Block or restrict voice access using My Sprint:

  1. Sign in to My Sprint at
  2. Click the My Preferences tab
  3. Under Limits and Permissions, click Block voice
  4. Select the phone you wish to block - a green checkmark will appear indicating that phone is selected
  5. You will see 3 choices for voice calls for the phone - click one choice:
    • Do not block any voice calls
    • Block all out-bound voice calls
    • Block only the following phone numbers for inbound and outbound calls
      • You  can block calls for up to 50 phone numbers. Enter each 10 digit phone  number individually or add numbers you've previously blocked (archive  list numbers are saved for 90 days).
      • Enter the phone number you wish to block in the field and click Add number. The number will be added to the block list. To remove, select the number and click Remove.
      • If you do not have permissions to block voice calls, you will see a message indicating that your selection cannot be blocked.
  6. Click the green checkmark to indicate you are finished selecting the level of restriction
  7. Click Save to block voice access
    • You will see the following confirmation message: Thank you! We've saved your changes.
  8. You will see a Blocked icon on the phone that has blocked voice services
  9. Turn your phone off and back on for the new settings to take effect.

Allow voice access using My Sprint:

  1. Sign in to My Sprint at
  2. Click the My Preferences tab
  3. Under Limits and Permissions, select Block voice
  4. Select the phone you wish to unblock - a green checkmark will appear indicating that phone is selected
  5. To unblock voice calls, click Do not block any voice calls
  6. Select Save
    • You will see the following confirmation message: Thank you! We've saved your changes.
  7. Restrictions will be removed and you will be able to access the selected voice service level
  8. Turn your phone off and back on for the new settings to take effect.

From Support article, How to Block Voice Calls using My Sprint on

9 Comments will be offline for maintenance over the weekend from Saturday, November 6th at 11:00 pm CST through late Sunday morning.

During this time, we will be implementing changes to our Product Catalog and additional portions of the code base.  There are various areas of impacted by this outage.

While the site has been thoroughly tested, there is always a possibility that defects can happen.  We created a discussion thread for you to report any problems you may be seeing or ask questions relative to the site sections listed below.  This discusssion will go live on Sunday morning when the site is back up.

•    Support/Community: Links under “What's the community buzzing about?” on the Device support pages
•    Support: Available services listed under “Services for the <device>” on the Device support pages
•    Community > Ratings & Reviews: New code to support ratings and reviews
•    My Sprint > My device and media: Display of product ribbons (e.g., Messaging, Photos, Sprint Navigation), by device
•    My Sprint > Add a phone to share minutes: Display of account’s plans/devices on pop-up / messages informing customer when ineligible to perfom transaction online
•    My Sprint > Change plan: Display of account’s plans/devices on pop-up / messages informing customer when ineligible to perfom transaction online
•    My Sprint > Change services: Display of account’s plans/devices on pop-up / messages informing customer when ineligible to perfom transaction online
•    My Sprint > My preferences: Links related to device’s capabilities, e.g., Block Picture Mail

During the outage, you can do the following from your phone:

  • Dial *4 to get up-to-date usage
  • Dial *3 to get account balance and pay your bill
  • Dial *2 to activate a phone, block text messages, or change your plan

Or use a Sprint widget to manage your account:


You can also visit a Sprint store to pay your bill, activate a phone or get personalized help.



Update: As of 7:00 PM the backlog has been cleared and corrective action taken to ensure mail from Sprint gets to you as quickly as possible.

Beginning Sunday, 10/10, email sent from Sprint (account registrations, password resets, community notifications) have been delayed for up to four hours.  This does not impact email you send using your Sprint service -- only email that Sprint sends to you.  So, if you've requested a password reset, registered an account or other things you are waiting for Sprint to mail you about, it'll be along. Give it some time and do not resubmit your request.  It'll just fill up the queue again.  All mail is being processed and sent out.  We have our messaging team working on clearing the backlog and improving mail response time.  Thanks for reading!

As usual, you can contact Sprint via chat or phone for help with your account or billing:


If you no longer want to keep track/monitor an account through your online profile, follow these steps.

  1. Log into
  2. On the My Sprint/Account page, click on the My Preferences tab.
  3. At the bottom fo the My Preferences page, click on the "Update or add another account" link
  4. Select the check box under the Remove column on the page for the account you would like to remove from your profile.
  5. Click Save
  6. A message will pop up to confirm you want to remove this account.  Click "Ok"

The account is then removed from your profile.

Below are a series of screenshots on those steps.






The short answer is yes.   Here's the long answer.

Let's say that you already manage your Sprint account through your online profile. Here are the steps for you to add another account so that you can see them both online when you log in.

1. Log into and click on the My Preferences tab


2. In the lower section of your screen, click on the "Update or add another account" link


3. This will pop up a screen which shows you the account you already have associated with your online profile.  Click the gray "Add another account" button.


4. Enter the account number and PIN and then give your account a nickname for easy identification. Click "Save" then "Manage accounts" and you will see your account added.



5. You can flip between accounts by using the dropdown arrows in the upper right hand corner of the page.



If you are looking to view/pay your bill and manage phones on your account and you cannot do so, most likely this is because your online profile is not been assigned account authority.

The best way to check this is by logging into and clicking on the My account page.  If you see the My bill section, your online profile is authorized for account activities such as those I mentioned above. Here is a screenshot of what that looks like:


If you do not see this section, you can add account authority to your online profile with these steps:

   1.  Sign into
   2.  Click on the My Preferences tab
   3.  Under the All about my account section, enter your account number and PIN and follow the steps.
   4.  Log back in when it is completed.
   5.  You have now put your account onto your online profile.
   6. You will only have to do this once as the profile will remember your authority when you log in going forward.

Here is a screenshot of that location:



Ensuring you have your primary phone or device associated with your profile gives you access to additional content on the My device and media page, access to links and content related to the device as well as activity like unbilled call usage details.  Screenshots have been provided.

Check to see if you have added a device as part of your profile creation process

  1. Log into My Sprint
  2. Click on the My device and media tab
  3. If a page pops up asking for your mobile phone, enter it and follow the prompts to attach that phone to your profile.

You need to attach a phone:                   


You already have a phone attached if you see this:


Managing the device associated with your online profile

You can remove or change a mobile phone from your profile on the My Preferences tab.

  1. Log into My Sprint
  2. Click on the My Preferences tab
  3. In the All about me section under My Sprint, Click on the Tell us about your device

  4. You can remove or change or add a device as needed from this area.




UPDATE: As of 7/15/10

This has been fixed. You can now add/remove accounts from your online account profile.

-- Mapes

Hopefully this post is more clear than the original -

If you have a username & password that gets you into My Sprint (a.k.a. you've registered), you'll see a My preferences section. On that page, there's a link that says Update or add another account. You normally can add or remove account information there; for example, you may have multiple accounts with Sprint and want to manage them together online. Doing this doesn't actually activate a new account or remove an account, it's really just putting your account information into My Sprint so you can do more stuff with your accounts online.

Because something's not working right with that particular function, we temporarily turned off your ability to add or remove accounts, and our call centers are not able to do that for you right now either. Please note: this issue is not related to any other functions on My Sprint like activating a new phone or paying a bill.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience.


The My Sprint team would like to make you aware that we have temporarily disabled the ability to attach or remove an account from your existing user profile after the initial registration process. Technical problems which could affect your experience need to be addressed and that functionality must be suspended until those issues are resolved.

If you have not yet registered for a My Sprint profile, you can create a new profile and add your account at that time -  Please be sure to attach the account information (which you can find on your bill) and provide your ZIP code in the process.  Note: Be aware that there are limits to the number of profiles each account can have depending on the type of account you have.

Unfortunately for existing My Sprint users,  Customer Care is unable to perform this function.   We appreciate your continued patience during this period and are working hard to restore this function for your online account management needs.

** clarification based on user comments **

  • There is an area where you can access your Sprint account information inside of our website. That area is called “My Sprint”.
  • A single feature within “My Sprint” will be turned off in order to improve it.
  • That feature allows you to establish the management of multiple accounts from one web user ID so you don’t have to log out and log in again with a different user ID
  • If you have already added an account it will still be there
  • If you need to create a new MySprint online account you still can
  • This has nothing to do with phone activation, Payments, your Bill or your account
  • This only affects the ability to add or remove another account to your online user ID


With redesign of the website came lots of additional information available at your fingertips. On the My device & media tab, at the bottom of the page is a arrow which when selected, opens a draw of interactive information and links.  Here's how:

  • Login to and click on the My device and media tab
  • If you have a device noted on your profile, you will immediately see your device on the left, community comments and links at the top of the page.
  • If you do not have a device noted on your online profile, you can attach a device from your account.  Follow the instructions to do so.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • On the right-hand side is a blue arrow.
  • Click the arrow to slide out the information about tile topic
  • You can select another area of information with the tiles at the top of that section (such as Messaging, Family Locator, NASCAR and more based on the device you have and the services you purchased.

I've included step-by-step snapshots.








Community News

Having trouble posting or viewing your Private Messages? We made an update to the Community registration process which requires you to validate your email, click here to read more about it.