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help me


help me

i need to knpw what to over last couple months i was ltied to abouyt adding another line and yes part my fault but life of my story so im n ot screwed without a phone so any resolution you can help me with i couldnt really use all im looking for is the primary num [...]  PLEASE HELP ME!!!! i need my phone for work and family please try help me resolve this

your truly michael w[...]

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help me

Michael   - Thanks for posting on the forums but we have no access to your account. On the top of the page click on My Sprint>>My Account Wait for about 90 seconds and you should see the CHAT button appear next to your login name. Click on the CHAT button for someone to verify your account information and gain access to your account. You can also dial *2 from your handset. On the forums we have no access to your account and can't make changes to your service etc.  You can call in and explain the problem to someone in customer care and they should be able to clarify any questions you have.


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