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tired of this game.


tired of this game.

Bantering back and forth with sprint has been a problem in the past; as again it is this time. I'm unable to pay my bill online; it keeps giving me an error to "update your profile" Well I've updated every single damn thing that I could and im not updating my "community profile". It's uneccessary and a waste of time. This poor excuse for a forum board also has no "recent" posts so it gives me the impression that conversations are being deleted. Once I graduate from college this month and start working my new job I'll be going back to verizon. And I will be calling the credit bureau's to dispute my late payments and this consistent bullocks you call customer service.

Also note; I go to school and work 75 hours a week. I dont have time to get to a sprint store and pay my damn bill there before they close. I'm up at 7 at school by 8:30 and go right to work at 4:30pm. Then from that I'm working until 10pm. Monday through sunday. Get it together!!!! Your scripters, clearly are not even managing the minimum to maintain website stability. I'm probably not the only pissed off person here.


tired of this game.

We take your account security seriously. To ensure that your information remains secure, you'll need to update your profile before you can view these details.

To do so, go to My preferences > All about my account > My account info and click Update or add another account.


This is what it states. And i've done it; changed it multiple times. Sick of it. And pis-sed is hardly something that should be censored. Unless it's a common word in the Sprint vocabulary. Which at this point I can see why.


tired of this game.

If you would like to private message me your account inforamtion I can look into the issue for you.

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