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Journeyman redirects to Spanish version of Sprint ID site

I'm using Windows XP with IE 8.0.  When I enter in the address bar, it redirects me to the Spanish version of Sprint ID:

It should direct me to the English version by default:


Re: redirects to Spanish version of Sprint ID site

Try using and you get the english version

I will check on what is occuring and post a follow up


UPDATE** I am still communicating with product mgmt team but here are official links from our knowledge database.

  • Websites:
  • For information and customer reviews about Sprint ID service and ID Packs, visit
  • To browse and download ID packs from a computer, visit
  • Downloaded ID Packs are viewable in My Content Manager on My Sprint and in the Premium Content Care Tool (PCCT).
  • Hispanic ID Packs offer a multi-cultural experience with the option to view content in Spanish using the red language icon (ñ).

    Re: redirects to Spanish version of Sprint ID site

    I am sorry about our website. I did test it out on both internet explorer and chrome. It seems to pull up the spanish site on both browsers. I will notify our admistrator and see if we can get this resolved as soon as possible.




    Re: redirects to Spanish version of Sprint ID site

    Here are the details on this irregularity-

    Here is the issue. The Spanish url is for the equivalent site to

    However, because we were the only ones who were marketing Sprint ID in our national advertising one of the other marketing groups utilized the vanity url for their Online ADVERTISING landing page utilized for banner ads and at the end of the Spanish language TV ad. And it actually links to the site as well. Make sense?

    Basically tow departments doing different things - and one not knowing about the other.  So it is as intended but may be listed wrong on some online advertising.   for Spanish and for English

    Larry ~ OKIESTRO

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