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I’m a little bit of a control freak, if you know what I mean. No? Well, I want as much control over my life as possible. That’s fair, right?


Enthusiast, freak, whatever! I get lots of control over my Sprint life in the Preferences tab of My Sprint account.  Let’s take a tour of the myriad ways Sprint’s giving you to ensure the security, safety and yep, control of your account.

All about me.JPG

All about me

The Preferences tab really is all about you, right?  The first header is pretty appropriately named: ‘All about me.’ The Display, username and password link allow you to pick a name you’ll see when you log into your account, your Community ID, update your My Sprint password or change your email address.  Use the links to update your Community notifications and preferences or change your caller ID name. ‘Notification settings’ allows you to determine how you want to be alerted when a change has been made to your account and your e-bill preferences.

all about my account.JPG

All about my account

Grab control of your bill delivery or your AutoPay settings even update your account PIN from My account info under ‘All about my account.’ If you’ve just moved, this is the place to update your address.  If you manage more than one Sprint account, this is the place to get that set up as well.

Did you lose your Voicemail password? You can reset it under ‘Things I can manage online-accoun.’ Change your phone number; manage privacy, advertisements and pdvConnect settings. Want to keep track of the kiddos’ activity on those mobiles? Set up and adjust your Sprint Family Locator settings from the link here.

limits and permissions.JPG

Limits and permissions

I’ve made my older children responsible for paying their portion of the Sprint bill (or reimbursing Mom, either way).  I used the options in the ‘Allow access to my account’ link to help them set up their own views of their individual My Sprint accounts. You can remove access any time you feel is appropriate, or simply make adjustments to the access levels for each user. Your authorized users can request greater access from this screen too.

Nobody likes that surprise bill after a grade-school kiddo has discovered in-app purchases from Google Play or the Apple store. You can wrack up a pretty hefty Farmville or Clash of Clans bill if you’re not on top of it. Set up permissions, block apps and third party charges from the link here. You can also stop harassing texts, block pictures and videos through MMS, even lock down data for one device. Set up limits to voice, block or allow WiFi calling, Outbound International Direct Connect or use Permissions to let your users have a bit more control themselves.

Next up on our tour of your My Sprint account, we’re going to back track and look into the My Device tab. We’ve got tutorials to help you get the most from your device, plan info and more all in one place for you. 


Last time, I showed you around the My Sprint My Account tab. I’m back again to cover one of my favorite parts of the My Sprint experience: the Payment Center. I get a little giddy talking about it because there are so many options here. From the My Account tab, choose any one of the Pay Bill links or the left-hand navigation blade to get started.

Welcome to the Payment Center! You have tabs for Pay bill, Auto Pay and Payment activity. For your convenience, we’ll give you a friendly reminder at the top of the screen if you’re past due.

I know that timing is everything. If you’re waiting on a deposit, it might be a good idea to set your payment up for the day after your deposit. Since Sprint withdraws payments at midnight, your payment will be taken before you’ve had your morning coffee on the date you select.

Payment Center 1.JPG

Let’s set up a payment together. Starting from Pay Bill, Step 1: Create Payment, select the payment method (existing or new), date, and balance that work for you. Choose a card/account listed or add a new one in Payment Methods. Make your payment immediately, on the due date or any date in between. You may even be able to set up a payment arrangement as much as 14 days past the due date, if you qualify. Select the total amount due, past due balance (if you have one) or Other Amount in Payment Amount.

If you need more flexibility or want to pay a little this week and a little next, you can set up multiple payments from this screen.

Keep in mind, if you’re past due, the past due balance may be required to either restore services or prevent disconnection.

payment center 2.JPG

Did you click submit and realize you need to make a change? That’s ok! You can cancel, go back to modify or ‘Authorize payment’ after reviewing the terms and conditions from the next screen, Step 2: Review. If you’re past due, you may be asked if you’d like set up another future dated payment for the remaining balance. Select ‘yes’ if this works for you or opt out and move on to the next screen.

Payment Center 3.JPG

Step 3: Confirmation has your confirmation number and a recap. If you’re creating a payment arrangement for a past due amount, you’ll be asked if you’d also like to schedule the remainder of your current balance to be withdrawn on your next bill due date. Sound good? Select ‘Yes.’ If not, select ‘Just this payment’ and you’re good to go.

Once you’ve set up your prescheduled payment, you’re done! If you have SMS alerts selected in your notifications, you’ll get a confirmation text, a reminder a few days prior to the date you agreed to pay and a note once payment has posted successfully.

Important: Did you change your mind and decide to pay over the phone or stop by a pay station? Making a payment early by another method will not cancel your prescheduled payment. There is a limit to the number of changes you can make to a future dated payment each month, so if possible, it’s best to sit back and let the payment come out on the date you set. We know sometimes you have no choice, so the system allows you to make some adjustments when necessary.  Don’t worry, I’ll show you how.

From the Payment Activity screen under Scheduled Payments and select ‘Cancel or Modify’ link next to the payment date and amount. If you’re canceling a payment, it’s important to do so at least 24 hours in advance.

Tip: You can also review payment activity going back 13 months from this screen.

Payment Center 4.JPG

Having options when you pay your bill is great, but I know some folks prefer their payments deducted automatically. If that’s you, Auto Pay is the way to go. It’s even easier to set up Auto Pay than it is to create a future-dated payment. From the Auto Pay tab, choose your method of payment, review, agree to the terms and Authorize Sprint to take the payments. The full bill amount will be deducted at midnight on the due date. No more past due notices for you! You can change your existing Auto Pay arrangement by returning to this tab.

Tip: changes made the day of your withdrawal will not take effect until the next cycle.

Now that you have control of your payment options, it’s time to do the same for the rest of your account. Join me next time when we look into all your choices in My Preferences.

Questions? Comments? Leave them in the Comments section!


Welcome back! For our first time out together, we’re going to explore your My Sprint: My Account page, finding new ways to stay up to date with your account and get things done fast, in your own time. Please note: today’s blog is about the full site version(as viewed from a computer browser). The mobile version and SprintZone application may have different options. Let’s start at the top. No really, the top of the page, after you log in.

My Account 4.23.15.jpg

Info center

Our Info Center is exactly where it says it is: front and center. Tabs along the top of the Info Center let you decide if you want to work on your account, get help with your Device, browse Services, or review and change your account and device Preferences. Recent account changes show up in a timeline along with info about service add-ons and features you might find interesting. To the right, you have details and resources unique to your account type. The top right corner of the page is a snack size version of whole My Account page. My Short Cuts tab has links for Billing and Phone while you’ll find Account and My links under My Preferences.

Your bill 4.23.15.gif

Your bill

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just need to pop in and pay my bill and sometimes I need to understand why this bill looks different than the last. You can do either in the Your Bill section. Get a quick idea of the total due or click ‘See My Bill’ to see it all laid out number by number with options to view previous bill cycles and usage information. Frankly, the Detailed Bill screen is so jam-packed with information that it’s getting its own entry soon.

Back in the My Sprint: Your Bill area: credits and adjustments are displayed in their own section. Recent Payments show up in in bold but you’re also linked to your past 13 month’s payment history and more. Finally, the big yellow Make a Payment button takes you to the Payment Center (psst! The Make a Payment button is also the place to go if you need a little more time to pay, save yourself a phone call).

my account details 4.23.15.gif

My account

If you’re the account holder, you can update info including username, billing address, contact numbers, notification options and bill delivery under My Account. Check out View My Documents for copies of your current installment agreements (Easy Pay accounts) and subscriber agreements.

My Device 4.23.15.gif


Each number has its own section with all the pertinent details in the Devices area(also called Shared Usage if you're on a shared plan). Keep track of your devices by giving each a unique name. The ‘Manage this device’ drop down will let you activate a new device for that line, buy accessories, change services, phone number, or shop for apps (Yep, you can do it from here, not just the app or play store).

Figure out who’s using all your data from the Usage Details(or See all usage) link for any number. Make sure everybody’s on the right plan or add a new service with the Monthly Charges information. You can even change caller ID names, analyze usage, change services or get support from this screen.

Remember when I told you that Sprint’s putting you in control of your account? I meant it! We have all kinds of resources and tools in this one page alone. By now, I hope you’re a believer but if not, come back next time when we take a look your Payment Center options and controls. Our updated Payment Center makes you the boss and I’m going to show you how.

Questions or concerns? Leave them in the comments section!


If you've found this blog, you've probably already been introduced to your My Sprint account. You probably know how to log on and pay your bill, easy enough. You may have activated your last new phone through our handy online swap tool. While these are activities that many of us have gotten comfortable with in the last few years, there’s so much more to your My Sprint account than that. Clearly, you’re a bit of an explorer, since you've come all this way from the home page just to find this space. I’m glad you’re here. I have things to show you!

Let me start with an introduction of sorts. My name is Christy. I've been helping you with your account and answering your questions in the Sprint world for just about ten years. Now, I have the super big privilege of reaching out in the blogosphere! In the coming weeks, I’ll be your tour guide as we check out your My Sprint account. I’ll show you dozens of tools to help you manage your device and your account, save you time, trips to the store or calls in to Care (though I’m always happy to hear from you!). I’m excited to share with you, dorky as it may seem, because I know it can be confusing to navigate a website on my own and I want you to have the same knowledge and problem solving tips that I have. Once we’re all thoroughly familiar with this web space, we can branch out to cover other topics that I’ve seen my customers face.

I’ll be publishing new material every couple of weeks, so check back often! You’re more than welcome to ask questions and leave me feedback about what you’d like to see in the comments section.  We’re going to be starting later this week with your Sprint home on the web, your My Sprint: My Account page.  See you soon!

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