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2012 Project Planning Overview


You are hearing Scott and the leadership team talk about our 2012 strategy and our critical role in supporting the larger company strategy.  Our big bets include areas such as mobile, social, personalization, multi-channel and more.  Unlike a Vegas gambler, however, we aren’t relying on luck and prayer. We’ve got to put action to the words and move the business.

It is how we take the big bets and turn them into actual projects and a functional development roadmap that ultimately unlocks customer value and benefits.

For 2012, we have organized a planning core team for this task. Here is an overview and call to action for you to get involved:

What are the objectives of 2012 project planning?

The planning process will identify our highest priority projects, sequence/package the work to get things done, provide high-level resource capacity and engage our key partners and supplier groups in IT and in to brainstorm/gut check the concepts.  Ultimately, it will feed an informed and strategic project pipeline of things you will work on next year.

Who is the planning core team?

A cross-functional team led by Anna Savignano and Dan Alldredge and including managers and ICs from each of the functional areas in Beth Sanders and Patti Durham are leading all planning logistics. Susan Pennington is informing strategy.

How will we deliver the plan?

The team is orchestrating 2012 development planning in a multi-phased approach, including a few steps that have already been completed:

  • Gather business input  – Each of the functional areas submitted projects for consideration with quantifiable benefits and direct ties to our strategies.  COMPLETE
  • Conduct planning review – The planning team and functional areas reviewed the projects, q/a’d among the teams as well as classified projects based on funding path and definition – capital expense vs. operational expense. COMPLETE
  • Hold IT development forums – In order to understand at a high-level the effort to accomplish the projects, IT and reviewed all the submitted projects. The output helps us ultimately map areas of opportunity (high benefit/low effort), discuss challenges, and discover dependencies. The key here is this is a planning tool not a final scope or LOE for the project.  COMPLETE - 10/31
  • Identify project selection and de-selection – Not every project makes it to the roadmap. Hardest part will be figuring out among a group of worthy project what we ultimately do. The data out of the planning sessions will help us map outputs and make informed decisions.
  • Hold supplier forums – Once we have made decisions on appropriate number of projects, we will meet with internal supplier teams to conduct further assessment.
  • Initiate Projects – In 2012, the Daptiv intake process will align more closely with the planning outcomes. Namely, we will load projects into Daptiv approved via planning exercise and also institute additional governance and communication over how new initiatives are prioritized against existing pipeline.

What are some examples of the projects being considered?

  • Mobile commerce – Customers buying and upgrading phones on mdot
  • Multi-channel – Buy on and pick up in Sprint retail stores; Retail reps pulling up customer’s online shopping carts on a tablet and making a sale in the store.
  • Personalization – New attributes and capabilities that allow us to optimize the digital marketing platform to drive adoption
  • Buyback – Integrating an intuitive and powerful shopping experience for getting credit on your old device with a new purchase.
  • Sunset projects – Drive operational excellence and lessen complexity in how we manage the business by sun setting catalogs - EMT and Blue Martini.

How do I get involved (if you are not already!)

  • Ask your manager for a copy of the projects submitted for your functional area and inform yourself on how we are tying the 2012 strategy to our project roadmap
  • Submit your feedback to Dan Alldredge or Anna Savignano

There is much more to come in the 2012 planning exercise as well as discussions on our strategy. Continue to come to the community for updates!