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Behind the curtain: The User Experience Steering Committee


You may or may not know that there is a User Experience Steering Committee.  The goal of the committee is simply to make sure that we have an overarching view of the presentation layer and user interactions. 

We meet once a week and look at a variety of  questions.  Everything from stickers on the phone wall to next phase of video to mobile UI to why return in forms doesn't work in webkit browsers.  Mostly we try to agree upon a logical progression of our UI layer and figure out if it is meeting the needs of the business.  After all the website has a job to do.  It is not just an academic exercise.

In our on-going committment for transparency and lateral knowledge sharing, we are going to be blogging what we talk about each week.  First couple of posts are on their way here shortly.  So keep an eye out. 

And as always, feel free to join the discussion.

Current members (can expect some alterations once the new reorg is in place):

Tony Stewart (UXD): Chair

Sarah Vrooman (Brand)

Stephanie Wilroy (Marketing)

Debbie Seusy (C&D)

Ed Martinez (CMS Site Dev)

Bobby Patterson (Analytics)

Mark Janney (OCE and Comm)

Zane Zwerenz (eComm)

Susan Pennington (Muttley)

Scott Zalaznik: Ex Officio