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From the Research Desk: Books 24x7 - Help for the Frugal Bookaholic


Hello.  My name is Susan, and I am a Bookaholic.

During graduate school, I accumulated over a 1000 feet of books.  It made sense...classic anthropological or archaeological tomes never went out of style.  However, in the business/technology world, things change way too quickly to be able to afford to buy books hot off the press.  And there is no guarantee that your local library is going to pick them up anytime soon.

So, if you're like me, a bookaholic on a budget in a rapidly evolving space, what cha gonna do?

Sprint actually provides a wonderful resource through the Sprint University.  Books 24x7 is really like having your own personal library.  You can search, read online and download at least some of them.

One of the consistent themes you are going to be hearing from me is to take controll of your job and your professional growth.  Don't wait for someone higher up the food chain to tell you what to think.  Make up your own dang mind. The world that we work in is changing too rapidly for anybody to be complacent.

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