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From the Research Desk: Forrester's new study on tablets and mobile commerce


Highlights from Forrester's Why Tablet Commerce May Soon Trump Mobile Commerce. (June 25,2011)

Findings based on an survey of 25K online shoppers in Q1 2011.

If you would like to read the complete article or cite any of this information, please contact me directly.

  • By 2015, one-third of US adults will have a tablet.
  • Younger demographics specifically bought the tablet to replace another device (computer, laptop, etc.)
  • Right now, tablet users are young and pretty well off (80K to 122K for average income)


  • Currently about 9% of online shoppers own a tablet.  47% of those reported shopping and buying something on their tablet.  Further 13% had browsed.
  • Nearly 50% of tablet owners reported using the internet more since getting their tablets.
  • Current tablet shoppers online had only a handful of frustrations, difficult to click on what I want, slow pages, difficult form entry, content not sized correctly, but overall nearly half said that they had no significant frustrations
  • Use of tablets for shopping was strongly skewed towards younger demographics (73% for gen y as opposed to 64% for boomers)


  • Also includes some discussion of how the shopping experience is changing for tablet users as well as the use of tablets in  retail stores

Forrester's recommendations

  • Monitor sales through tablets separately from both wired browsers and smartphones
  • .QA your site on tablets
  • Keep an eye on unique tablet opportunities (particularly new ways of interacting with the table through face or voice recognition)