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From the Research Desk: GigaOm Pro Access


Hey there DotCom-ers. 

Just a head's up/reminder that Sprint has bought access to the GigaOm Pro service.  I've been playing around and getting some good insights from their mobile desk.

Their main areas are:

  1. CLOUD COMPUTING - The cloud is changing everything, from consumer services to high-performance research efforts and enterprise data centers. Infrastructure looks at the latest in cloud computing and its underlying platforms (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), security, data centers, big data, virtualization, storage and more.
  2. MOBILITY - It’s not just about laptops and cell phones anymore. Mobile looks at what’s happening in mobile broadband, smartphones, netbooks, web tablets, mobile applications, location-based services, mobile advertising, communication services, video and content.
  3. COLLABORATION - The world around us is becoming ever more real-time and social, and connected tools and services are at the core of that shift. New Net looks at the impact of social media, Internet privacy and identity, search/discovery, web services, social gaming, e-learning, social and real-time analytics on consumers and companies alike.
  4. DIGITAL LIFESTYLES - New choices for the consumer and ubiquitous broadband are rapidly reshaping media and consumer technology.Connected Consumer looks at over-the-top video, connected home, e-books, web tablets, 3D, video communications, TV apps, connected TVs and consumer electronics, digital media, and more.
  5. CLEANTECH - Today’s IT companies are working to address pressing environmental issues, both in their own businesses and as a new opportunity for innovation and growth. Green IT looks at the latest trends in green data centers, smart grids, electric vehicles, vehicle charging infrastructure, green software tools, semiconductors and more.

To learn more and get instructions for setting up your access, visit the Corporate Research Center.  These are invaluable resources that we all need to take advantage of in order to keep ahead of the curve.