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From the Research Desk: Mobile OS Carnage and ABI Research Insights


Nice little note from ABI Research this morning on the Mobile OS landscape.

Obviously, we all know about WebOS.  As a committed Pixi freak, I would ask that you would be kind today.  I’m a bit in mourning.

Here’s some of ABI’s comments on other players.

  • Meego: "Me go?" "Yes, you probably should."
  • Qualcomm BREW vs. Samsung Bada: In what might be termed a race for the bottom, Qualcomm and Samsung are staying out of the smartphone and tablet OS wars and instead focused on feature phone and low-cost smart devices.
  • Windows Phone: Time for a gut check, Microsoft.
  • The All-New BlackBerry OS: No one can say that the acquisition of QNX by RIM left any questions about the robustness of its future OS, but proof will be in the company's execution as it migrates the operating software from the PlayBook tablet to its flagship smartphones.

ABI's take:

Only a few years ago, the operating system software was once tightly coupled with the mobile device. Now, with many licensable alternatives, device vendors and mobile network operators must pick sides rather than play the entire field. Application developers cannot be forced to develop for every OS. The early fallout is occurring.

What I'm pondering.

Did Palm miss the fundamental lesson of Open?  Don't branch/collaborate. I wonder if WebOS will go back into the mix.  There is a lot that I think core Android could still pick up from WebOS.   They had the absolute right idea, the proliferation of WebApps confirms that, but were they too soon.

Be sure to take advantage of ABI as a research opportunity.

I have consistently found ABI to provide solid insight and you know I am a fan of their spreadsheets.  I highly recommend that you take a look at their offerings.

You can sign up for direct access to the ABI Research website through the Research Center.