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From the Research Desk: Nate Kievman on the Future of Social Media


In an earlier blog post, I talked about the Books 24x7 resource that Sprint provides as part of the Sprint University.

In addition to books, they also include short interviews with folks.  I just watched Nate Kievman (Linked Strategies) talk about the future of Social Media.

Everybody has an opinion about Social Media, but what resonate with me were these comments:

So you’ll see a very privatized, specialized, exclusive, and private communities with very specific tribes.... and you see the success with companies like P&G, who have built many, many successful projects off of a community that they own and build and use with the crowdsourcing technologies. So I think that the numbers of private and small niche communities is virtually unlimited, and it’s just limited to the amount of interest that the people are willing to give it.

This is a theme very near and dear to my heart and one that you will hear repeated over and over again in the analysts' community.  The world is tribal that is what the great revolution of social media has allowed.  We're all now participants in an increasingly proliferation of interlocking venn diagrams.  Our challenge is to find to make them value our circle, the Sprint tribe, and that is only going to get harder.

If you don't have access (yet - bad monkey) to Books 24x7, I'm attaching a copy of Nate's transcript.