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From the Research Desk: New ABI research on Cellular-enabled POS terminals


I love ABI's stuff.  It comes in spreadsheets with lots of numbers. 

One of the most rapidly emerging trends in mobile is integration with POS.  ABI just released a report examining some of the trends.  If you would like to see a different perspective, I would recommend visiting the National Retail Federations Mobile Blueprint.

ABI's Executive Summary:

Cellular-enabled POS Terminals, ATMs, and Vending Machines

Opportunities for Cellular Module Vendors and Service Providers

RR-POS-11 | Released: 2011-08-05

Over the last few decades, consumers across the globe have increasingly favored the use of card-based payment methods instead of cash and checks when paying for goods and services. This, together with an ever growing demand for mobility in payments, has created a strong opportunity for the integration of cellular connectivity into a variety of payment applications - most notably POS terminals, ATMs, and vending machines. This study analyzes the market for the integration of cellular connectivity into POS terminals, ATMs, and vending machines. The analysis is conducted from the perspective of cellular embedded module vendors and connectivity service providers in analyzing the market opportunity for the sale of modules and services in these market segments. As part of this analysis, the overall market opportunity for each segment is examined, with a particular focus on value chains, competitive landscapes, market adoption drivers and inhibitors, and technology issues. Of particular importance are highly granular five-year forecasts provided for each segment on a global basis, including POS terminal and ATM unit shipments, vending machine installed base, as well as cellular module unit shipments and sales revenues, and connections and service revenues. Finally, selected key players involved in each market segment are profiled.

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