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From the Research Desk: Two new Forrester articles on Mobile Commerce


Just published today and follow along nicely from my Web IQ presentation about how we been evaluating how to build out our mobile optimize site.

Integration Challenges For Mobile Commerce

Some highlights from this short article:

  • “In an ideal world, comprehensive and readily consumable      APIs exposed from the underlying eCommerce platform would make the job of      implementing a mobile commerce solution a relatively effortless task.”  --      realistically how close do we think we are?
  • Mobile is only one touchpoint that      should be able to make use of the same systems (social, stores, partners, apps,      seo) could all benefit from a coherent Open Platform/Web services model.  We need to be looking at mobile in a larger      context, because Consumers will move through the touchpoints and they      expect them to work seamslessly.
  • Beware Complex and Fragile—we need a robust      system, because it is going to have to scale.
  • Poor performance is an m-commerce killer.  If simpler keeps us faster, I think it is      worth it.
  • HTML5 and all it offers will be tablestakes.
  • Real time (not batch xml) data is going to be      expected.
  • Invest in the API      Layer
  • Have a coherent      mobile commerce strategy to drive the right investment.

Market Overview: Mobile Commerce Solutions For Retail

This is a straight-up review of the various solutions out there.  It is almost exactly like the exercise we went through at the beginning of mdot, though they’re looking at more vendors.

In addition to the vendor evaluation, they also call out a few other things to keep in mind.

  • Match solutions      against the current maturity level.
  • Understand      internal integration limitations .
  • Put user      experience at the top of the agenda.
  • Develop a close      relationship with solution partners.
  • Align the mobile      and eCommerce teams.

In addition to the pluses and minuses for each vendor, Forrester also calls out a couple of really important points (pg14):

  • Be realistic about your Integration challenges.
  • Mobile will have the same Payment security rules as your website, but you also must deal with people's hesitation about security on mobile devices.
  • Cross-touchpoint persistent shopping carts: start and finish a transaction anywhere within your touchpoints.
  • Mobile URL redirection - has to also factor in your SEO structure.