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Microsoft Store are Coming ... err are here


I just read an article that 44 Microsoft if opening 44 new stores in their revamped format this year.

Techno Buffalo had done a nice video walk through that features a few things of interest  in thinking about multichannel and the store of the future:

  1. Merchandising up front- there is a nice little display of the Xbox right up front which is linked to a billboard out in the mall drawing people in.  Generally in Sprint stores the key ofcal point on entry is someone standing behind a check in desk.
  2. Digital Screens - the slate and other digital wall screens are constantly changing the message within the stores and keeping information fresh
  3. Endless Aisle - in the back of there store there is an interactive kiosk where you can select from a bunch of software which is then given a license key and then printed in the back for you.  There is no need for stores to carry all this software. 
  4. Guru Bar  - not a genius bar but a place where you can set an appointment to get your Microsoft questions answered.

Check out the video and / or visit a tore near you to see what they are doing.

Microsoft Store Locator

btw - there is one in Overland Park if you need a field trip