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Mobile Thursday!


Wanted to share a recent Mobile Marketer post from our Digitas Mobile team on Mobile Thursday and this holiday season. Post back any questions/comments.

If you’ve got a smartphone, there’s a good chance you’ll be using it to do some shopping on Thanksgiving. In fact, mobile shopping activity is strongest on that Thursday before the traditional days of holiday commerce: “Black Friday,” “Cyber Monday,” and, of course, “Small Business Saturday.” So, yes, there is now “Mobile Thursday”! Digitas' latest data shows the growth of the opportunity for brands to influence commerce and create impact - even during a time of turkey, football and family.

We found that the percentage of smartphone or tablet owning adults who plan to shop on Thanksgiving for the holidays with their mobile devices will nearly double in 2012 vs 2011. We even discovered that parents should be prepared to allow mobile devices at the Thanksgiving dinner table or risk not seeing their college kids on the holiday…they may just choose mobile over turkey.

The arrival of “Mobile Thursday” is yet more evidence that mobile is not just a channel – it is a technology-driven cultural phenomenon that is changing how people connect with brands and commerce. Adweek published our data this morning:

Cheers to a profitable holiday season!