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Online Channels Feedback - All Hands Meeting - Make it Rock


Hey thanks everyone for attending our Online Channels All Hands- I think this a great venue to get the group together to hear insights from Scott, our numbers and what’s hot  - and not to mention the pluses -Brian being shot and Patti’s Dr. Pepper moment!!!   Elysa, great intro on your team – WELCOME again prepaid!!!!  In all seriousness, as we think about the planning of these in the future, I would love to hear to hear your feedback on today’s session and more importantly what things you would like to hear about in the next sessions.

As I was typing – I was a slight second or two behind OlaGirl and her question.  Seriously folks  - the Z team cares and ultimately we need your feedback to make these AHM valuable and FUN for all of us.  Looking forward to your input….