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Should I use my real name when I pick a display name?


The display name on your online profile not only shows in this group, but also when you post on the public community forums. 

Therefore, don't use your full name as many customers have figured out the .sprint email from those names.  In addition, please do not use your internal email addy, etc., due to privacy reasons.

Please also note, your display name should not be the same as your login credentials. 

This is the suggestion from fraud who deals with people trying to log in as others. Matching display name to username gives fraudsters half the login pair.  Here is a blog about this. It shows how to change your display name.

We tell all customers in the public community who use their full name, email address or phone number to change it.

If you want to identify yourself to the sprintdotcom group, sign your name to posts instead.

If you have any questions about this policy or how to set your display name, ping me.