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The new cube is starting to come together.


So, as you know we're restacking in OP.  Always love an excuse to declutter and I've decided that the new cube will not be overrun with paper, no seriously, I'm trying to teach myself to go is a struggle, since I'm an Antiquarian at heart and love an printed artifact just about better than anything.

Trying to have some fun with the new space as well.

Ah - the cubicle farm, first thing in the morning (view from my new 8ft Great and Wonderful Oz chair, helps with cubicle claustrophobia.


The New Cube (possible names suggested so far: Chez Nerd, Nerdvana, open to other suggestions.


Unexpected benefit of new cube, a convenient place to dispose of the evidence.  After a few more paydays, I'm thinking there may be Zombies or an inflatable Godzilla crawling out from there and over the top of the cube.


The Nerd waiting room is coming along nicely.  And MANY MANY thanks to our buddy Roland Weber for donating the totally scary Darth Maul chair.  I'm thinking I'm inviting Darth to all the meetings going forth.


And though I may have moved to Oz, I always keep my reminders of my Reston Bretheren close by.  Still miss you guys.