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Updates to the Sprint Enterprise Browser policy


Below is the email from the TMT.  You should now be able to download Firefox and Chrome through http://EASI.

I am still following up to see how they will handle the much shorter release cycle (I hope it will allow the automatic updates and that we won't have to go back to EASI every six weeks).

As I learn more, I'll update this blog.

If you have problems, please reply to this blog so that we can compile a list





The Technology Management Team (Http://TMT) has approved the addition of Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer 9 to the ITStandards database as restricted.

The use of Firefox and Chrome is restricted based upon the installation being performed from http://EASI and the following:

The use of an internet browser other than Internet Explorer is for internet facing sites only unless a separate exception has been received by the TMT (Technology Management Team http://TMT). 

No internal sites are to be developed or implemented requiring the use of a browser other than Internet Explorer.  Please refer to http://ITStandards for further detail regarding standards

Internet Explorer 9 is being made available though there has been no direction for Sprint to move to this version at this time.  It is being made available for compatibility testing.

The software is being made available to users with no loadset and users whose loadset owners have approved additional software to be loaded.  If the software is not found when searching http://EASI, it has not been made available for your loadset.  Once installed from EASI, the software will be updated on a regular basis as new versions are released due to security issues.  The updates will be distributed automatically to any user who has installed the software from http://EASI.  Any version not installed from http://EASI will be removed through normal scan policies.

When using http://EASI, your validation results will show if a loadset has been applied to your machine.

Below is how the packages appear on http://EASI:

Safari must still be requested using the link on page three of http://EASI for ClickIT Software Request Form.  Requests for Safari must include a business necessity.

Licensing issues for the installation of Safari are being addressed and this product will be handled separately.

Please communicate this to your teams as necessary.

Thank you,

Ken Dean - System Integrator III
Sprint Nextel Corp. – IT Client Platform Engineering
3333 Street Road, Suite 300, Bensalem PA 19020
Office (215) 645-4352 / Cell (609) 209-6346