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Web design fun for your Monday



Each month, HOW editors peruse hundreds of websites to find the best   of  the best—the Top 10 Websites for Designers. In reviewing these    websites, the editors are looking for exceptional design as well as    functionality.

  1. Luke Bott - Luke Bott is a talented design and illustrator living in Wichita, KS, who seems to have a particular affinity for robots.
  2. Ping Zhu - London-based  illustrator Ping Zhu has a wonderful vintage style and a specific  talent for drawing animals with personality. Be sure to check out the  Fauna category.
  3. Design Womb - Designer  Nicole LaFave not only creates beautiful print projects from her studio  in San Francisco, she also creates a line of amazing designer shoes.
  4. Kam Diba - Kam  Diba is creative director of NBC Universal responsible for the digital  media produced for advertising & promotion of the network and  ancillary businesses. His portfolio is chock full of promos for popular  NBC shows.
  5. Monoambiente - Monoambiente  is a clothing brand based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The creators are  young advertisers, designers and stylists who produce their own  campaigns, which are strange and engaging.
  6. Tatsuro Kiuchi Illustration - Tokyo-based  illustrator Tatsura Kiuchi started out as a biology major but pursued  his true passion at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. He now  illustrates children’s books, as well as doing work for editorial and  advertising clients.
  7. Cristain Jucan - Cristina  Jucan is a full bred Romanian from the heart of Transylvania (totally  not a vampire), with a hint of southern American flavor and a design  degree from Mississippi State University burning a whole in her pocket.
  8. Design Envy - For designers, by designers. A different curator each week, a new envy-inducing entry each day.
  9. Bob Dinetz Design - The simplicity of this portfolio site belies the interesting, thoughtful design work that it showcases.
  10. Warehouse Twenty One - Warehouse Twenty One is a marketing firm located in a renovated warehouse in  Cheyenne, WY, that promotes its services with a great sense of humor.

I love me some inspiration.